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Welcome to Aklavya International School, Celebrating TWO decades of excellence in education
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About Aklavya International School

International Award and Recognition

AKLAVYA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, one of the premier institutions under ACHARIYA Group of World Class Institutions, has become a member of the Global League of Institutions when it was honored as a Great Place to Study in London. Eminent Indian institutions including Mayo College, Billimoria, Musoorie International, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Apeejay, Satya University and, Sanskar Valley, Children’s Academy, Satluj Public School, Suchitra Academy are a part of this league and were felicitated at House of Commons, London. The prestigious honour was bestowed to the Indian schools and universities with Great Place to Study Certification for their dedication to bring forth progressive measures to the education sector in India. The Global League Institute Certification event was hosted by Baroness Sandip K. Verma, Chair of UN Women National Committee United Kingdom, Member of the European Union Committee and had an exclusive guest list that included Lord Swaraj Paul, Alpesh Patel, top academics, educationists, ministers, Lords and business barons from India and the UK. GPTS certification is awarded to Institutions that have pioneered student happiness and satisfaction in the educational landscape. This league of extraordinary institutions has showcased their greatness factor by performing exceedingly well in the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSI) and proving that they are indeed a Great Place to Study. Speaking on the occasion, Shekhar A Bhattacharjee, Founder and CEO, Great Place to Study, said, “We feature institutes on the journey of their stories and the greatness factor on the happiness framework. The Indian institutions who have set benchmarks in terms of student satisfaction are awarded for their major role in bringing positive measures to the education system in India. Great Place to Study Certification is a symbol of exemplary standards”. Great Place to Study is an international auditing and recognition firm that was conceptualised with a mission to revolutionise existing education models and to promote good teaching practices among educational institutions across the world.


We are proud to announce that our Charismatic Principal, Sugandhi Viswanathan was crowned as the Outstanding Leadership Principal by ISA GLOBAL awards among 6500+ nominations from 51 Countries.



It gives me immense happiness in addressing you through this message. Founded in the year 2004, Aklavya ICSE International School has been affiliated to The Indian Council of Secondary Education. True to the finest tradition of ICSE, we at Aklavya believe that the ultimate purpose of schooling is to enrich the expression grounds of our children. Students thus empowered with an understanding, clarity and mastery over their expression will have a clear advantage of an enlightened perspective on life as a whole. At Aklavya, we empower students to celebrate life. The 21st Century world has seen a paradigm shift on the key factors that drive nations and economies. It was military might in the 19th Century and it was money in the 20th Century. 21st Century is the era of Creators. It is the era of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbergs, Lakshmi Mittals and Narayanamurthys. Creators like them have already started redrawing the global contours of power and supremacy. Our empowerment team of dedicated teachers, ably lead by the Principal, understand that every child, though unique in his/her own ways, have an innate instinct and potential to create and therefore work on identifying and bringing out the creator in every student at Aklavya. Through these creators, we are certain to put India on top of the world by putting enough Indians on top of the world. A committed and inspiring school management, empowering school leaders, dedicated teaching staff, responsible administrative staff and an array of support departments work day and night to ensure happy schooling to our children. This sets the right ambience to spark creativity and entrepreneurial instincts among the students. At Aklavya we create creators. We invite you to join hands with us and co-create the creators of tomorrow and thus be the cause for the celebration through our students at the national and global arena.


To be the World Class Educational Institutions developing the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual personality of every individual through empowering minds, enriching lives and enlivening them to celebrate life and to be the cause for celebration.


To Empower Minds and Enrich lives, by providing the best of the World Class infrastructure with opportunities for Educational, Vocational, Social, Cultural and Leadership development that promote learning Skills for the life long personal and collaborative achievement and accomplishments through manifesting human potential to meet the diverse and changing needs of humanity.

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Sugandhi Viswanathan
An educationist who believes that ‘Nothing can be taught’, Sugandhi Viswanathan believes in the humane approach to education. She believes that children are capable of constructing their knowledge and all it needs is to create a positive learning environment which allows the freedom for expressing thoughts and views. Education according to her is not building skills alone but a journey that builds an all-round personality. An M.Phil in English, B.Ed, and Masters in Education, she has worked for more than a decade with a school in Puducherry in grooming it into a school of excellence. She was also instrumental in creating systems in place and working on the mind-set of the stakeholders in creating a fear free environment for learning to happen.

She has the experience of having worked as a Resource Person – Academics and Pedagogy in Azim Premji Foundation, a Not-for-profit organization for three years where she was a part of the Language core group which is responsible for building capacity of all the language members of the foundation at the central level. She was also an Integral part of the Central Assessment team of the Foundation – instrumental in building Learner assessment tools and Teacher Assessment Tools, Orientation and Roll out. Her job in the foundation also entailed building capacity of Puducherry Government School Teachers on perspectives of education ad language learning in particular. She has been a part of the team responsible for organizing seminars, education programs and also publishing of a bi-monthly magazine on education.

She believes that children should grow up to be life-long learners and for that to happen, teachers need to be role models who constantly develop themselves professionally with the students’ progression utmost in their mind. Learning, according to her has to be purposeful, joyful and push the contours of creativity and critical thinking.

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12 O'Clock Meditation
At 12 o'clock meditation: Our body functions with the help of 5 major organ systems and each we meditate by directing the cosmic energy to each of this organs purposefully and experience the positive emotion on the organ system and the kingdom it represents by Golden Smile Meditation.
Shambala is an oneness group meditation which is more powerful. It happens every year, where everyone witness the positive energy in their life.
1. Multiple Intelligence Schooling – Focus on individual dominance.
2. Activities targeting secretion of Happiness Hormones.
3. Activities involving the 4Hs and BMHS
4. Wow Schooling nurturing all the 21st Century skills through 108 activities
5. Wow Schooling through structured Think Labs, ICON Labs, Innovation Labs and Enriching Labs
6. Wow Schooling spinning on 5 ICONs, 6 Thinking Hats, 7 Habits,8 Skillsets of Life,9 Life Values,10 Dasavadhani domain

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